Paediatric Association of Jamaica

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The Begining

At our first meeting, held on September 11, 1974, Mrs. Carole Burrow, then Executive Secretary of the Jamaica Children's Services Society, was the guest speaker. She discussed the work of her agency and highlighted many concerns which included:

Poor doctor/parent communication.
Poor health care delivery to children in Places of Safety.
The difficulty faced by mothers in obtaining Registration certificates for their newborn infants at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital due to inability to pay the fee of $6.50.
The prevalence of child abuse.
The importance of accurate data collection.

In that same year Prof. David Picou presented to us his research findings on Places of Safety, and the Association was energized towards alleviating the terrible conditions prevailing in those institutions.

The PAJ had many discussions with the Ministry of Youth and submitted proposals for improving conditions in Children's Homes. The members of the Association agreed to provide free medical care, and guidelines were submitted on how to improve the health and nutrition of the children as well as the general hygiene in Places of Safety.



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